What our Stars say!

I'm always grateful that people stop by, fill my crisp bowl and return my scarf. I hope I can be helpful in return!

image01Crispy Huelsbeck | Landlord - the Crispy Huelsbeck

What our Rodents say!

I love this game. It allows me to express my inner violence in an acceptable manner. Thanks for not microwaving me.

image01Rory the angry Guinea Pig | Dragon-Killer

What our Gods say!

Frankly, I can remember writing Thing on a Spring, but the rest is a bit of a blur... has anyone seen my notes?

image01Rob Hubbard | Music Legend

What our Duck says!

Quack! (trans: Don't you dare pixelate me then give me to that dog!)

image01Dodgy duck | Comic Puzzle Solving Aid

What does Reyn say?

I'm sorry, this is Reyn Ouwehand, I'm not in right now. Please leave a message. Beep.

image01Reyn Ouwehand | Very busy legend

What does Tel tell us?

*winning eyebrow waggle*

image01Tel Memore | Landlord - the Tess and Tel

Virtual Commodoria is now available: Symphonica 64!

  • For those afraid to make the journey to Commodoria, we now have a virtual simulator!
  • Text-based, for key-pressing goodness.
  • Many adjectives, ensuring a rich description of the joys Symphonica has to offer
  • A Zone system to allow you to travel conveniently between the Symphonica, Desert, Wilderness, Wastelands, Fantasy and Mystery and Oriental Plains Zones
  • Help available from a friendly genie!
  • Hundreds of Symphonica's day-to-day puzzles and characters recreated!
  • Experience the day-to-day life of a Commodoria citizen!

Our Team

More than a bunch of pretty pixelated faces, our top team of pub landlords, eccentric bystanders and nominatively determinative strangers is the sugar that keeps Commodoria's coffee from... er.... Stars such as Crispy Huelsbeck, Sir Mart of Galway, Penn The Mighty, Sir Paul of Normandy and more ensure you are never short of someone to talk to, examine, or steal stuff from.

Our tourist philosophy has always been "be first, be better and ALWAYS talk to people and examine them!". We're one of the few or maybe only tourist companies that has a pixelated satisfation guarantee! We develop our own citizens, and they all know the score. Which is often hidden behind a puzzle.

There are some humans involved here too: Chris Abbott, Anna Black, Damian Manning, Trevor Storey, Toni Galvez, Chris Van Graas, Andy Roberts, Simon Jones (not that one), and loads more. The game was written using ADRIFT v.5 developed by Campbell Wild.

And finally, Commodoria is pleased to support the Back in Time Symphonic Collection Campaign! Check out the video to the right, or visit the campaign HQ at Kickstarter.


Feel like contacting us?

So, how do you get into Symphonica 64

Here's how you play Symphonica 64 (written in ADRIFT)

You can download an executable for Windows, download a "Blorb" file and a "runner" from the Adrift.co site, or you can play online.

Download the executable

This is the simplest way. Remember when you run it for the first time: maximise the screen! This EXE gives you an interactive map: click on a location and go there (if there's a path!)

Download EXE file


(this is a bug with the adventure platform ADRIFT).

Download the Blorb

A blorb is a file which contains the game resources, plus all graphics and sound. After you've downloaded the blorb, you need to install a runner on your platform. Doing this gives you an interactive map: click on a location and go there (if there's a path!)

Download Blorb file

Alternate source for Blorb file

Download Runner

Play online in your browser

You can also play online at the Adrift website! The map there isn't interactive, so the game is harder to play, but if you're a Mac, iOS or Android user, then that's probably your best bet.



C64 Mafia turn up in Symphonica unexpectedly. Police warn people to refuse offers they can't refuse.

Commodoria tourist board announces that the first code necessary to progress past the software pirate in Symphonica will be announced here on 28th October 2015.

Howard Kistler crime-wave alert! It has been announced that crimes committed against the so-called "8-bit Victim" Howard Kistler have reached record levels. They urge tourists to report anyone seen squashing Howard, stealing from him, or infecting him to the local authorities.