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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What's Symphonica?
  2. Is it free? Can I share it?
  3. What's this about a prize?
  4. I can't get past the software pirate or the litigious Ninja!
  5. I say, that's a bit cheeky!
  6. Any handy shortcut commands?
  7. I'm a Mac user! How do I play the game?
  8. I'm getting an error when I run the executable
  9. My virus checker doesn't like the executable

What's Symphonica?

Symphonica 64 is a text-adventure game which features characters, games, objects and events from over 30 years of UK 8-bit and gaming life, put into an imaginary, humorous and surreal puzzler. The streets are named after legends from the era, composers from the era populate some of the many pubs in the game, and there are cheeky cameo appearances everywhere. Using the ADRIFT engine, it's modelled after classic works of Interactive Fiction such as Douglas Adams' Bureaucracy.

Is it free? Can I share it?

Yes, it's a completely free licence. You can share it with your friends without restriction. You can share the executable, or the blorb file which can be loaded into versions of Adrift (but not edited, it's password-protected). It's not Creative Commons though, all copyrights are still reserved. If you want to do something other than play it or share it as-is, please talk to us.

What's this about a prize?

The first person to finish the game (and save a saved game to a specific email address to prove it) will win either a hand-made bound "Throne of Sids" orchestral score book worth around £500 (it's seriously hand-made!) from the Back in Time Symphonic Collection Kickstarter. If the Kickstarter fails to fund, then they will be given £100. This is not open to the developers of the game or their families. The contest ends when the first person claims the prize. If anyone else finishes it before we announce the prize being won, then we'll find a consolation prize.


There are also easter eggs within the game which, if triggered, will result in the player being awarded a claimable prize. This will be a digital product of some kind, and the offer is limited to one-per-person. The prize is claimable by email, but if we have reason to believe the easter egg has been publicised (for instance, we get loads of people suddenly claiming), then we reserve the right to cancel this feature.

I can't get past the software pirate or the litigious Ninja!

The competition build of the game has been built so that there are two points that you cannot get past without a code: the software pirate (who requires a book) and the litigious Ninja (who requires a signed contract. These codes will be publicised on the @C64Audio twitter feed, the Back in Time Live Symphonic Collection Facebook page, and a Back in Time Symphonic Collection Kickstarter update. We did this to allow people to enjoy the game in a leisurely way, knowing that they are not being penalised for doing so. It is impossible for anyone to win the prize before both codes have been revealed.

BTW, You can collect 22 scores before you need the code to get past the software pirate!

I say, that's a bit cheeky!

This is a satire/parody/comedy game which, I hope, pays tribute to many people in the industry in an affectionate and amusing way. Or, to put it another way "any resemblance to any persons living or dead is entirely coincidental".

Any handy shortcut commands?

I'm glad you asked! While the locally downloaded versions of the games allow you to click on the map, during development we found the ability to transport between zones in the game quite useful.

Commands: "zone symphonica", "zone wastelands","zone wilderness","zone oriental","zone desert","zone fantasy"

Other useful commands include: "scores" (tells you all the scores in the game you have to collect), and "scorestoget" which tells you what scores you're missing. This is very handy later in the game!

I'm a Mac user! How do I play the game?

Since there isn't a "Macrunner" for this version of ADRIFT, you would have to play the game online in the browser. Unfortunately the map in the browser isn't interactive: in the downloadable versions you can click on the map to go places. This is one of the reasons we put the zone system in, to save people a fair amount of time just going from A to B. Sorry!

I'm getting an error when I run the executable for the first time!

The ADRIFT runner requires you to maximise the screen, and generates a nasty looking error message if you don't. Sorry about that, not my code.

My virus checker doesn't like the executable!

If you can't "persuade" it that you really really want to play the game, then you could download ADRIFT from the ADRIFT website, and then download the BLORB file containing the game. This should allow you to play it.